(CSOB_10_370)  MMI water pump back plate quick-change kit
The MMI back plate kit is designed with o-ring seals and thumb screws to facilitate removal and replacement. These features are particularly useful during on-boat maintenance, where access is usually limited. The thumb screws are also designed to be "captive" within the plate, so that they will not fall into the bilge.

The kit includes a back plate, 2 o-rings, 4 captive thumb screws, and will fit on all MMI flexible impeller and Oberdorfer Model 202M3 and M7 pumps.

This kit will not fit on the newest Oberdorfer 202M series pumps, identified by an "N" in front of the part number. The bolt pattern on these new pumps has been changed slightly to accommodate the installation of an 0-ring in the back face of the main housing.

MMI water pump back plate quick-change kit
Price: $45.50
Weight: 0.50
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