(EXHT_01.0_527)  Tartan style standpipe muffler (316 stainless)
Tartan style, stainless steel standpipe muffler (316 stainless).

This standpipe muffler is made of 316 stainless steel and is externally dimensioned to fit into the space of the standpipes used throughout most of the 1970s on Atomic 4 powered Tartan 30 and 34 sail boats. Internal design of the water and exhaust flow provides for improved cooling of the outside of the standpipe to accommodate mounting in restricted spaces. Overall height of the body of the standpipe is 20", the outside diameter is 3", and there are 1-1/4" NPT male pipe threads on the inlet pipe extending below the muffler and also on the discharge on the side near the bottom of the outer chamber. The inlet for engine cooling water is on top of the muffler and has 1/2" NPT female threads.

Mounting brackets on the top and bottom swivel from side to side to permit mounting on bulkheads on any side of the standpipe.

Bulkhead mounting bracket, mounting screws and Allen wrench included.

Tartan style standpipe muffler (316 stainless)
Price: $495.00
Weight: 12.50
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