(IGLM_13_195)  Ignitor electronic ignition kit - late model. Note - This part is not refundable
Ignitor electronic ignition kit - late model

The Ignitor kit is the easiest way to convert your old points and condenser system to a modern, maintenance-free electronic ignition system. Easily installs inside your distributor in minutes and replaces the points and condenser forever. Once installed, it never needs to be adjusted.

Each kit has been modified with a few additional widgets which add security to the internal wiring, along with supplemental pictorial instructions from Moyer Marine Inc. to facilitate installation.

Is electronic ignition for everyone? Mostly yes, but a quick look at a few of the major pros and cons should help you decide.

The primary advantage of electronic ignition is that it switches the primary ignition circuit on and off very quickly and cleanly, thereby creating a stronger secondary discharge from the coil. Since switching of the primary system is done electronically, there is no deterioration of the switching function over time which greatly reduces the need to access the distributor. This advantage is particularly attractive in cases where access to the distributor is very limited.

In the case of our Ignitor system, installation is no more difficult than changing the points and condenser, and in many cases even easier, which is also a benefit where access is severely limited.

Electronic ignition systems are much less affected by moisture with continues to plague many of our customer's engine compartments.

NOTE: Except for warranty exchange, this ignition item is not returnable.

Ignitor electronic ignition kit - late model. Note - This part is not refundable
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