(KTAS_01_563)  Raw water flow sensor. Note-This part is not refundable
This nylon raw water flow sensor is designed to work with our Cole-Hersee Alarm Systems (Product numbers KTAS_01_191 and KTAS_01_460). The trip point is set to detect when raw water flow is reduced to a rate just below normal starter RPM (essentially a little more than a trickle). Although overheating is already monitored by the Cole-Hersee alarm, overheating can be caused by a variety of factors. This sensor provides specific monitoring of intake blockage, system obstruction, and offers impeller protection (spinning in a no flow environment).

The sensor is provided with a nylon 5/8 hose adapter on each end along with #8 stainless hose clamps so it can be easily installed in the raw water intake hose just before the inlet of the raw water pump. The sensor body has 1/2" NPT threads on each end so hose barbs other than those provided can be used if necessary. The kit also includes tinned wiring leads to connect the sensor to ground and to either the water temperature or oil pressure sensor contained in the original Cole-Hersee kit.

Nylon construction of the sensor and fittings allows for working temperatures as high as 200 F while adding only 7% flow restriction over the normal RPM range of the engine.

NOTE: Except for warranty exchange, this electrical part is not returnable.

Raw water flow sensor. Note-This part is not refundable
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