Cooling System (Pumps & Parts)

Product No. - CSOB_00.1_501
Sea water pump - MMI 501 pedestal pump

This pump is used in our fresh water cooling kit and (through the use of a removable base) can be used to replace a Sherwood model SH R-30-G, a Jabsco series 1673 or an Oberdorfer 201M. The main body of the pump is the same as the MMI flexible impeller (flange) pump, and it uses the same impeller as the MMI and Oberdorfer flange pumps.

The inlet and outlet of this pump are 3/8" female pipe threads and face upward, which is usually more convenient in Atomic 4 installations than side-mounted inlets and outlets. Please note, however, that if the pump you are replacing has inlets and outlets in some other direction, you may not be able to use the same fittings with this pump. Shaft is made from 17-4 stainless steel.
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Product No. - CSOB_00.1_519
Repair kit for MMI 501 pedestal pump.

Includes impeller, bearings, shaft (made from 17-4 stainless steel), seals, O-ring, punch tool and disassembly disc tool.
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Product No. - CSOB_00_365
MMI 502 flange pump (water pump flange gasket included)

The inlet and outlet on this pump are 3/8" pipe thread, and it is otherwise interchangeable with the early gear type pumps, as well as any of the later OEM flexible impeller pumps used by Universal.

The shaft, which is made from 17-4 stainless steel, is retained between two packless ball bearings , which eliminates the need for the small snap ring on the outside of the impeller to prevent the shaft from floating. The grease cup has also been eliminated by the packless bearings.

The pump includes an MMI Quick-Change back plate to facilitate on-boat replacement of the impeller. The Quick-Change back plate is designed with an o-ring and 4 captive thumb screws. The captive feature of the thumb screws prevents them from being dropped into the bilge when removing or replacing the cover.

This pump has been designed to use the same shaft lip seal as Jabsco and Oberdorfer models, and the impeller is the same as those used in the Oberdorfer 202 and 201 series pumps.

NOTE: For Universal diesel owners, if you you’re currently using an Oberdorfer 202M-3 or 202M-7 pump, or the newest version of these pumps with an “N” prefix, your engine will already have the necessary adapting hardware that is required to convert to our MMI 502 Flange Pump. If you’re currently using a pump with four bolts in its mounting flange, you will need one of our adaptor plates and a shaft adaptor to convert to an MMI 502 Flange Pump (see product numbers DIES_01_560 and DIES_02_561.
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Product No. - CSOB_00_461
Repair kit for MMI 502 flange pump

This kit includes the components within the MMI model 502 flange pump which normally experience wear to the point of requiring periodic replacement: (1) water seal, (1) oil seal, (1) impeller, (1) flange gasket, (2) o-rings, (1) shaft, made from 17-4 stainless steel), and (2) bearings. The kit also includes a set of instructions, a short section of dowel rod, and a short piece of 1.5" pipe to facilitate reassembly. Required tools (not included in the kit) are a pair of medium sized inside snap ring pliers, needle nose pliers, common grease, a deep 9/16" socket, a 13/16" spark plug socket (common for the Atomic 4), a common screwdriver, and a hammer..

Caution: Earlier models of MMI 502 flange pumps had the oil seal located at the flange end of the pump. If you have one of those earlier flange pumps, please pay close attention, when installing this kit, to step 6 and photo #12 which show the oil seal moved to the impeller side of the bearings. In this location, the seal will protect the bearings from water damage in case of a leaky water seal.

Need help with this rebuild kit?
Check out our video tech tip section.

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Product No. - CSOB_00_462
Shaft for MMI 502 flange pump

Stainless shaft for MMI 502 flange pump (made from 17-4 stainless steel).
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Product No. - CSOB_00_463
Bearing for MMI 502 flange pump and MMI 501 pedestal pump
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Product No. - CSOB_00_517
Stainless steel shaft for MMI 501 pedestal pump (made from 17-4 stainless steel), .
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Product No. - CSOB_00_573
Seal replacement kit for MMI 501 and 502 water pumps.

This kit provides the parts and special tools necessary to replace the water and oil seals in our MMI 502 and 501 water pumps.
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Product No. - CSOB_01.1_266
Sea water pump only - Oberdorfer model 201M-01
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Product No. - CSOB_01_62
Oberdorfer water pump N202M7 (water pump flange gasket included)

Important note: Oberdorfer N202M series pumps are now equipped with a grease fitting for a standard grease gun rather than a grease cup. Please consider our remote water pump lube kit (Product No. - KTAS_03_88 in the “Kits and Accessories” section of our online catalog).

The back plate on the Oberdorfer N202M7 pump is sealed to the main part of the housing by an o-ring, instead of the thin back plate gasket that was used in earlier 202M7 models. The o-ring is installed in a groove within the rear face of the new pump housing, very close to the outside edge of the impeller chamber.

The bolt pattern in the back plate of the new N202M7 pump is dimensioned slightly differently from the back plates of the original 202M7 models, so the back plates are not interchangeable between the two models of pumps.
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Product No. - CSOB_02_63
Flexible impeller, fits Oberdorfer 202m7, N202m7, MMI flange pump (502) and MMI pedestal pump (501).
We recommend replacing your raw water pump impeller every 200 hours or after every second season (every 300 hours or every third season for FWC system fresh water pumps).
Back Plate Gasket not included.
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Product No. - CSOB_03_522
Snap ring pliers

Snap ring pliers, fits Moyer Marine flange and pedestal pumps, also fits Oberdorfer 201M pedestal pump (these pliers will not work for Oberdorfer 202M flange pump)
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Product No. - CSOB_03_64
Oberdorfer parts - shaft
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Product No. - CSOB_03_79
Snap ring pliers

Snap ring pliers for changing impeller on Oberdorfer 202M flange type water pumps (these pliers will not fit Moyer Marine flange, Moyer Marine pedestal, or Oberdorfer 201M pedestal type water pumps)
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Product No. - CSOB_04_521
Seals to fit MMI 501 pedestal pump (set of 2)
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Product No. - CSOB_04_65
Seals for water pump, fits Oberdorfer 202m7 and N202m7 (set of 2) . Also fits MMI 502 flange pump.
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Product No. - CSOB_05_503
Oberdorfer Parts - SS back plate screws for Model 202 and 201 pumps (set of 4)
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Product No. - CSOB_05_66
Oberdorfer parts - snap ring
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Product No. - CSOB_06.1_156
MM015 Water pump flange gasket
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Product No. - CSOB_06_192
Water pump back plate gasket (201M)

Water pump back plate gasket for the Oberdorfer 201M sea water pump used in the Moyer Marine fresh water cooling kit
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Product No. - CSOB_06_518
O-ring for Oberdorfer water pump backplate
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Product No. - CSOB_06_67
Water pump back plate gasket (202M7)

Water pump back plate gasket for the standard engine-mounted Oberdorfer 202M7 pump
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Product No. - CSOB_07_393
Water pump grease

This is a general purpose grease which is suitable for marine uses such as boat trailer wheel bearings and for water pump grease cups.
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Product No. - CSOB_08.1_299
Oberdorfer parts - cam shoe screw with "O" ring
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Product No. - CSOB_08_69
Oberdorfer parts - cam shoe (M7)
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Product No. - CSOB_09_70
Repair kit for Oberdorfer water pump

(includes impeller, shaft, seals, snap ring, back plate gasket, cam shoe (M7) and back plate o-ring; grease cup is NOT included).
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Product No. - CSOB_10.1_213
O-ring for MMI flange & pedestal pumps (set of two)

This o-ring is also used in the Moyer Marine flange pump quick-change back plate kit.
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Product No. - CSOB_10_370
The MMI back plate kit is designed with o-ring seals and thumb screws to facilitate removal and replacement. These features are particularly useful during on-boat maintenance, where access is usually limited. The thumb screws are also designed to be "captive" within the plate, so that they will not fall into the bilge.

The kit includes a back plate, 2 o-rings, 4 captive thumb screws, and will fit on all MMI flexible impeller and Oberdorfer Model 202M3 and M7 pumps.

This kit will not fit on the newest Oberdorfer 202M series pumps, identified by an "N" in front of the part number. The bolt pattern on these new pumps has been changed slightly to accommodate the installation of an 0-ring in the back face of the main housing.
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Product No. - CSOB_10_89
Lower water pump extender bolt

The 9/16 hex head on this bolt extends slightly behind the body of the pump for easy wrench access.
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