Choose our short block exchange option, and rebuild your own!

If you like to do your own work, this is a great way to save hundreds of dollars . Start with either our new aftermarket block or a used block, use our short block as a foundation, and simply move your old head, manifold and accessories from your old engine, or pick and choose from our add-on's (most of them at a substantial discount, when purchased with the short block option).

Our short block option includes all the usual items such as the block (either new or used - you select), crank, pistons, cam shaft and valves, plus a complete late model reversing gear, aft housing, oil pan, new water jacket side plate (including "T" fitting and diverter), flywheel and flywheel housing.

Our goal is to provide a package consisting of the most difficult items encountered during an overhaul, so that the tasks which are left are well within reach of even the casual do-it-yourselfer. If any of these remaining tasks appears daunting due to rust or poor condition of any parts or accessories, you can elect to include items from the following list of options, up to and including everything that it will take for you to end up with the equivalent of one of our complete exchange engines.

Use our new "Quick Quote" feature below to estimate the cost of various combinations of components (yours and ours). Just select an option for each of the categories listed on on the left. The total cost estimate (exclusive of tax, core charges and shipping) is immediately updated at the top.

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Short block
Flame Arrestor
Reversing Gear
Accessory Drive
Water pump
Fuel pump
Coil/spark plug wires

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Price quoted does not include applicable taxes, shipping or a $700 core charge which is refunded when we receive your rebuildable engine in our shipping container.

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