FACET Fuel Pump Failures

Judging by the street talk we overhear, there are apparently still quite a few of the earlier FACET pumps (prior to the "E" series) being sold around the country. You may recall that we had reported a failure rate on these earlier pumps (prior to August of 2001) of slightly over 10%.

The obvious problem is that the manufacturer never issued a recall of the older pumps when they converted to the E series. This means that until all of the non-E series inventory in warehouses and dealer shelves is sold out, non-E series pumps will continue to be sold.

I mention this issue for two reasons:

  1. To assure you of the reliability of the E series FACET pumps, and

  2. So that you can alert your friends who might be buying pumps elsewhere to be wary of accepting any FACET pump but an E series.

The best model for most of our engines continues to be the 477-060E with a nominal 3 PSI rating. For Catalina 30's, Columbia 36's, and any other boat where the fuel tank is lower than, and more than 6 or 8 feet from, the engine, the model 476-087E is a better choice, with a nominal rating of 4 PSI.


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