View Full Version : Thermostat stuck in housing

03-21-2007, 01:19 PM
Hello, Don:

In the fall when I winterized our A4, I tried to remove my thermostat in order to ensure the antifreeze could fully circulated through the block. But, I couldn't get it out. The two nuts came off easily, but the thermostat itself wouldn't budge. (I ended up running the engine for 15 minutes with the bucket/garden hose set up to warm up the motor until the thermostat opened. Then I let it suck in the antifreeze.)

Now it's time for spring start up and I would like to soak the thermostat as you recommend in your start up list.

Do you have any recommendations as to (A) what's holding the thermostat in place (B) and how might I remove it without damaging it or the block?

Rochester, NY

PS. When warm, the motor operates at the correct temp; right on the mark. (Should I, therefore, even worry about removing it for soaking or just wait until it freezes open or closed?)

Don Moyer
03-21-2007, 02:09 PM

The only thing that could possibly be holding the thermostat in place would be some errant sealer. I would take an old wood chisel and tap under the mounting flange of the thermostat in an attempt to remove it. Unless it is some non-standard thermostat, thermostats fit very loosely in the head.