Moyer Marine offers you the following choices for engine rebuilding options.

1. Choose our short block exchange option, and rebuild your own!
If you like to do your own work, this is a great way to save hundreds of dollars. Using our short block with either a new aftermarket block or a used one as a foundation, you can simply move your old head, manifold and accessories from your old engine, or pick and choose from our add-on's (most of them at a substantial discount when purchased with the short block option). Click here for more information on this Moyer Marine exclusive for our rebuild customers.

2. Select a Moyer Marine exchange engine.
Our exchange engine includes a new aftermarket head, new aftermarket manifold, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor and a new Moyer Marine flange pump. We offer direct drive, reduction and v-drive models. Click here for details.

3. Take the ultimate step to a new block exchange engine. This engine is built to the same standards as our traditional exchange engine, and the addition of a new block (along with new heads and manifolds), brings it to the configuration of the golden years of the late 1970's, plus electronic ignition and cathodic protection of the block. Click here for details.




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